SellCell: Now sell off your old mobile handsets.

In one of our earlier article I have mentioned about Nokia who will take your old mobile handset and plant a tree of each and also about Zonzoo which you can use to sell of your old handset and get paid. In this post I will mention about another service “SellCell” where you can sell of your old mobile handsets and get paid.

How SellCell works:

  1. Search for your Phone Model: Use search feature in SellCell (on top of the page) to search and find your model.
  2. Look for best deal: is a cell phone recycling price comparison website. We compare prices from ALL the top phone buyers for the phone you want to sell. Choose which company you want to sell your cell to and click ‘Sell now’ to go through to their site.
  3. Ship your phone for FREE: You need to fill up the information and follow the instruction on how to ship which is completely free of charge.
  4. Check mail for Payment: Once the phone company has acknowledged you mail and received your phone, you will receive the payment.

The biggest advantage of using SellCell to sell my phone “sell my phone”  service is that it provides you more incentive than any other similar can offer, check this list for more: Why use SellCell?

Above all it’s important that we do not dumb those old handsets which can cause a serious threat to environment and cell phone recycle is best possible solution to it.

Learn more about here: SellCell.

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