Earn money or sell any domain easily with Sedo.

Have you ever registered a domain name and yet didn’t have time to setup a website?  Have you brought a domain name with a plan of selling it and earn some money out of it but failed? Or have you thought of earning some extra penny with just a domain name in hand? Well then this post is for you exclusively.

Selling domain:  Sedo is the marketplace connects buyers and sellers making it simple for individuals and companies to acquire the domain names they need for their success and online presence. Sedo’s domain marketplace is the most active in the industry and has more than 16 million sites available for sale!

How to setup: First of all you need to create a free account with Sedo, once you have logged into Sedo you can add you domain on Sedo and set your price for the domain. Once you have set your price next thing to do is to change the domain nameserver settings to Sedo, well it’s pretty simple doing that only you have to do is to login to your domain registrar account (like Godaddy etc.) and then go to domain settings and add the nameservers as mentioned by Sedo. This is must to do since this setting is what does the redirection of the page when someone types your domain name to Sedo page which shows your “for the sale” information.

Not for selling? Well now consider a situation where you have brought a domain name may be which you may use in future or a domain name which you do not have a plan to sell. Well now you have option to earn some money out of it and the best part is that you won’t have to do anything than just adding the domain nameserver to Sedo. Once you have done that the ads will be displayed on your domain page and whenever someone click on the ads you are earning money just like Adsense etc.

Learn more/Sign up: Sedo.

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