How to spy on android phone using Mobile Spy.

Is it really possible to spy on android phones using Mobile Spy? Technology has advanced making this possible. With Mobile Spy it is possible to spy on Android phones. Mobile Spy is software that can be installed in the Android phone. It monitors all the activities on the phone it is installed on. It can be effectively used when the Android Operating System is being used in the phone. The brand of the phone is immaterial.

Understanding how Mobile Spy works

The first step is to install Mobile Spy software in the phone that is to be monitored. Without installing software the phone cannot be monitored. This can be stealthily done as it leaves no tell tale signs on the phone. Installation process takes a few minutes and is done using the phone’s web browser. Once the Mobile Spy is installed the mobile phone comes under surveillance.

The software silently creates a log of all the activities being conducted through the phone. This is actual data. The software records SMS messages, conversations, emails, information on websites visited, GPS location, photographs clicked, phone directories and all the other activities that occur on the phone.

These recordings are copied and sent to an online data base. The user of the Android mobile is unaware of the spying that is being carried out on the phone.

The online data base where phone activities are recorded is created when the Mobile Spy is installed. The database needs a user name and password to access which makes it safe. The spied upon information from the Android mobile is only accessible to the individual who installed the Mobile Spy. The information is readily available on signing into the database. The information is categorized under different heads: such as call details, SMS details and so forth.  The information can be viewed and saved for later inspection. The information can also be downloaded. It is possible to delete irrelevant information from the records in the database.

Features of the Mobile Spy

Apart from recording the activities of the Android phone that is being tracked the Mobile does the following as well –

  1. The Mobile Spy works remotely and allows you to hear in conversations real time if you wish. This is possible for incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Emails and SMS copies are instantly made and stored in the database
  3. The Mobile Spy can also track the location of the Android phone using GPS technology. This enables you to find out where all the user of the phone has travelled.
  4. With the use of this spying device it is possible to view all photographs that are clicked or saved on the Android device. Even photographs that are clicked and deleted get saved in the online database because the spying device works and records things as they happen and is not just a device for retrieving data.

It maintains a log of all calls made and received.

The Spy mobile is an excellent software for individuals who need to spy on their spouses, children and employees. It is a safe way of keeping tabs on their activities.

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