Spoon.net: test and run any application online.

Ever wanted to test any application with having much hassle, well most of time we don’t know how our software is going to work, how useful it would be etc. Well now you have option many of favorites being just online.

Spoon.net allows software publishers, enterprises, and schools to deploy and manage desktop applications instantly to any user with an Internet connection.

Spoon.net runs applications in isolated sandboxes, allowing applications to run side-by-side without conflicts, dependencies, or modifications to the host desktop. Spoon.net’s unique hybrid client/server virtualization technology combines the convenience of web-based delivery with the performance and robustness of local execution.

Note: You will have to install Spoon.net plugin so that you avail all the service of Spoon.net.


Highlights of Spoon.net:

  1. Check any browser online like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and even mobile browsers.
  2. Media players like VLC, GOM, Real Player, FLV player and many media convertors.
  3. Test games.
  4. Readers and viewers like Adobe reader, Foxit reader, PDF Xchange etc.
  5. Applications and tools like 7Zip, Keep pass, Artisteer, HJ Split and many more.

Well the above mentioned are little and there are many more and what more they are updating the lists.

Check it out: Spoon.net.

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