Metascan Online: Check any suspicious file with 31 different antivirus engines.

How many times we have faced a situation where we received or downloaded any files, software, application etc which we are not sure of whether it can be trusted or if the file is not infected with any malware, adware or virus.

Metascan Online is free online service which will help you out in such situations; you can scan or check any file which you have a suspicion about by uploading it Metascan Online.

Once your file is uploaded the same will be tested with 31 different antivirus engines online simultaneously like AVG, MacAfee, Kaspersky, Bit Defender, F secure, Symantec, TrendMicro and many more and gives you results by each scan engine.

This service can be very useful at situation like you have received a file from someone and you are sure if it’s legitimate one or fake/rouge.

Learn more: Metascan Online.

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