Sky Drive Free upgrade: You can get permanent 25 GB for free.

If you are already signed up for Hotmail or you are planning to do, then this is best time. Microsoft is offering 25 GB of free storage in its Sky Drive service which makes it largest service when it comes to size/storage capacity since competitor like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon etc. all are under 10 GB.

Getting 25 GB of cloud storage for free is really a huge benefit to have since it can be used to securely store lots of our data in the cloud and since the capacity offered is large you can even put all your large files like video’s, applications and other resources which need more storage.

If you have multiple accounts you can even divide you entire collection and upload it to cloud. Having a Sky Drive account is also good since Microsoft’s next operating system; Windows 8 also uses cloud and having large amount space is a great benefit.

If you have not heard or don’t know this then check it out: Microsoft Sky Drive.

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