5 Best and useful Cloud Storage Services.

In a recent post I have mentioned about the launch of Google Drive and also about 4Sync cloud service. In this post I will summarize a little bit on 5 best cloud services available online.

5 Best Cloud Storage/Drive services.

  1. Dropbox: Dropbox is the first one to mention because of the reason that they were the one who got instant success with their cloud service. Dropbox offers 2 GB of storage, is compatible with Computers, Smartphone’s, Tabs and supports Windows, Mac and Android. You can download the Dropbox client and install to your computer and sync them all online in cloud.Create and account/learn more: Dropbox.com.       
  2. Microsoft SkyDrive: SkyDrive is a similar kind of service from Microsoft. SkyDrive gives you 5 GB of storage and client application is available. Supports Windows, Mac. You also have option to work on all your MS office application since Office Cloud (Office 360) is integrated with Microsoft SkyDrive.  Also SkyDrive offers 5 GB which is most of the document stuffs in cloud.  Learn more/Sign up: Microsoft SkyDrive.
  3. 4Sync: 4Sync is cloud storage service by poplar file sharing service 4shared. You can learn more about 4Sync in this article. Sign up/Learn more: 4Sync.
  4. Google Drive: launched very recently in the market, cloud drive storage service by Google. Learn more here: Google Drive. Offers 5 GB of storage, integration of Google Docs are best features. Learn more/Sign up: Google Drive.
  5. Amazon Cloud Drive: Amazon is also popular cloud storage service which offers 5 GB of storage. One advantage of using Amazon cloud drive is that if you are purchasing Music online from Amazon, songs will be automatically stored in cloud drive. Additional plans also available.Learn more/Sign up: Amazon Cloud Drive.

The above mentioned are 5 best services available out there, yet not denying the fact there are many other players too which offers similar kind of service. Well if you want to share any like that please share it with us.

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