Dia Diagram Editor: Create Flow charts, Diagrams, Models and more.

Dia Diagram Editor is a freeware drawing software by which you can create 30 different diagram types like flowcharts, network diagrams, and database models. Dia Diagram Editor has more than thousand readymade objects help to draw professional diagrams. It supports different number of different raster and vector image formats.Even though Dia Diagram editor is freeware editor it’s yet very powerful and can be useful for both home and corporate users.

Dia Diagram editor’s CASE tool can be even used by software developers and database specialists to generate code skeletons from their drawings. Dia can be scripted and extended using Python.

Some features:

  1. Create  structured diagrams (flowcharts, network layouts, etc)
  2. Very easy to use.
  3. Above 1000 predefined objects and symbols.
  4. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
  5. Import and export feature.
  6. Scriptable via Python.
  7. Freeware.



Dia Diagram can be a very useful tool and we recommend this for you all.

Grab this tool: Dia Diagram Editor.

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Image source: Dia-installer.de.


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