4Sync: a better Dropbox alternative with 15 GB free storage.

4Sync is better alternative for Dropbox which gives you only 2 GB of cloud storage whereas 4Sync provides you 15 GB of free space. And if you are fan of Dropbox service then you would love to try out 4Sync. This post gives a small review on the 4Sync service.4Sync is service from the popular file sharing service 4Shared.com.

4Sync Features:

  1. Sync your computer with other devices simply and quickly. (Same as Dropbox)
  2. 15 GB of free space.
  3. Work with 4Sync as with regular PC folder;
  4. No additional software, obscure rules or pile of unnecessary buttons or sections;
  5. Get rid of cables or other modes to connect your PC with other computers;
  6. No annoying upload progress bars – just copy a file and wait until a nifty green tick appears on the folder.
  7. Update your files online within 4Sync folder.
  8. Access files anywhere online.
  9. Protect yourself from viruses, computer crashes, your absent-mindedness or inattentiveness with 4Sync.
  10. Secure and encrypted.

Below Video gives more light.

4Sync is great service to have and you can surely try it out.

Learn more/Sign up: 4Sync.


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