No Autorun: Block auto run infections on your computer.

How many times we have seen situations like our computer getting infected after we have connected a USB thumb drive or HDD or any other USB storage device. In most of the cases this happens due to a feature called Autorun. Autorun is quite a good feature which enabled external drive to automatically start without the need of the user to go and manually click these drives. But virus creator’s use this same feature to auto load virus/inject into computer and since it run automatically user might not even get a hint that his or her pc is infected. Well the simplest solution for this is that you need to have a good and updated antivirus which will solve any such issues.

In this post I will explain about a free application which blocks any Autorun from running from your external devices thus eliminating chances of Autorun related virus spreading inside your pc.

No Autorun is the tool which does the purpose; it’s a tool which will block viruses in USB flash/disk from auto-running. When a USB disk is inserted, this tool not only locks the “autorun.inf” file, but also locks the entire Autorun-related virus and other suspicious files.

Even though this tool is not a replacement for antivirus and it’s a must to have an antivirus so that you can remove/eliminate any possibility for infection. This tool can be used a first form of defense against Autorun related infections.

Grab this tool: No Autorun.

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