Google Drive: what can we expect?

The next biggest buzz in Google is the expected release of Google Drives, and there are already a great number of news and updates happening in the tech world regarding the same. In this post I will tell what we can expect from Google Drives and how it will be yet another useful service from Google.

  1. Storage size: it’s expected that Google Drive would come with 5 GB of free storage. Well this would prove a good competition for similar kind of established services like Dropbox which offers space of 2 GB for free users. And as in for Dropbox users, Google Drive‘s users will have option to buy more storage and again its rumored that price will be very cheap which most of them can afford.
  2. Cross platform support: This is another expected feature Google Drive would be inter compatible with cross platforms which means that no matter you are working on a pc, tab or smartphone you will have all linked up together. Also it’s expected to support Windows, Android and Macs.
  3. Integration of Google Docs: Now this may be a hot feature since the Google Docs service is already a hot item in Google’s kitty now with introduction of Google Drives, users gets a chance to access all the Docs contents right inside their computer/tab or smartphone.
  4. Secure: As all service from Google it’s expected that Google Drive also would be secure and reliable service and it’s expected that connection would be SSL with Google world encryption.
  5. Google Accounts Authentication: Means if you have a Google account you can have the Google Drives service and just as all other Google Service users won’t have pain to create any new accounts.

Well the ones which I have told above are expected features and once it’s online and active we will update you more. It’s expected that Google Drive on web by this week. So let’s wait for another BIG thing from Google.

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