Filepigeon: Send large files in simple way.

Sending email with large attachment is not an easy thing. Most of the email providers support only a limited size capacity. But when it comes to dealing with large files like more than 100 MB and all sending it as attachment in email won’t do the work for us.

Filepigeon is online service which will help you to send such large files and that’s quite easy, only you have to browse the file, and then provide recipient email address and send.

Filepigeon service allows you to send any files below 100 Mb size

without even the hassle of registration or creating account. With the pro account you can have more functionality and flexibility.

Learn More: Filepigeon.

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  • Stéphane

    Personally, I use ForgetBox, which is one of the few to upload the files in the background.

    When I send videos to my family, I really don’t want to wait hours in front of a progress bar as you do with a “classic” service like FilePigeon.