Justpaste.it: Share texts, photos, videos with your friends.

Justpaste.it is free online service where you can share your texts, images, embed videos and then create a shareable link which you can share anywhere or anyone.

Justpaste.it features in brief:

  1. Text editor with text formatting feature:  it’s pretty easy to use and almost similar kind of our favorite MS Word format style.
  2. Add Pictures and movies: You can upload your own images, embed image from other sources/webpages, add/embed videos (YouTube) etc.
  3. Edit as HTML: This is powerful feature where you can (if you are familiar with HTML coding) edit in HTML and which you much more flexibility when working with formatting.
  4. Mathematical formulas: provides power MS Excel similar functionality.
  5. Importing from file: You can directly import contents from your favorite editors like MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office etc. The best part is that the formatting remains intact.
  6. Auto Save feature: This feature saves your content every 3 minutes and since automatic there is no fear that you forgot to save anything while working on large information.
  7. Save as PDF: Save as PDF feature lets you to download content as PDF files.

 You can create your own custom links like: http://justpaste.it/ [your preferred name]. you can share this links with your friends, on twitter, Facebook, email and many more.

And above all Justpaste.it is free service.

 Try it out: Justpatse.it


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