Freeware: Delete duplicate contacts from Outlook.

If you are someone who is using Microsoft Outlook as the main email client for all your email communications whether it’s official or personal, you will be having a lot of contacts in your mail.

It’s commonly seen that most of Outlook users have lots of contacts saved in Outlook which they use regularly and sometimes it happens that we unknowingly create a duplicate of such contacts. Well if it’s little in number, it won’t affect much but if you have lots of duplicate contacts it can be a headache and removing those also is not an easy task and we will have to take pain to look for them and remove them manually.

Outlook Freeware offers a simple free MS Outlook add-on which will help you in such cases. This free add-on will mark the duplicate contacts with category and/or flag. Contacts are recognized as duplicates if their Full Name, Email, Company and Attachments are equal accordingly.

Once these duplicate entries are marked or grouped it will be easy for you to remove all them from you contacts list. Thus it saves our life from using manually searching contacts from the list and removing it one by one.

Get this add-on here: Outlook Freeware Duplicate marker.

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