Keeping Messages Private with the iPhone Black SMS App.

iPhone releases a new and exciting app in the form of the Black SMS. This is an app that helps you to keep SMS conversations hidden till you are ready to read them.

 The idea behind the app is very a common one: the need to keep certain messages private and confidential. Although, this idea could also work in the reverse. The hidden messages are likely to draw more attention and curiosity because it becomes evident that the conversation is intended to be a secret. You will probably have to deal with a lot of badgering from inquisitive friends.

 Nevertheless, if there’s a secret to be communicated this is the best way to get it done.


  1. All you need to do is copy your blacked out messages from your SMS Messages folder and paste it in the black SMS app.
  2. You will receive blacked out messages with the Apple iMessage.
  3. Even if someone gets hold of your phone and figures out the Black SMS App, they will still need to find out your app password to read the messages.


The app is available on the iStore for $.99.

Grab this app here: Black SMS.

 Source: Mashable.

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