Taking to the Web to Combat Autism.

A revolutionary online therapy program has been designed for the intent of helping children cope with their autistic challenges.

 Years of research has proved that identifying and dealing with Autism earlier on helps children improve their capabilities by undergoing therapy in the early stages of development. Treatments of this nature can get extremely costly and go on for years. Moreover, there is the issue of specialized treatment available only in certain cities and regions.

 As a resolve to counter this, the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) has made its intensive therapy program available online to help train parent and educators across the world.

 The platform, called Skills,helps users to teach autistic children the skills they need and also provides access to tools and curricula to help them on their way.

  •        Helps parents and teachers instill the required skills in children
  •       Helps determine the areas a child needs to work on
  •       Shares visuals examples and videos of therapist-child interactions for reference and learning
  •       Features 4000 lessons and activities covering a range of skills
  •       Designed on ABA-based interventions for people with no prior experience in teaching
  •       Enables parents, teachers and supervisors to access the same information and track the child’s progress
  •       Allows users to communicate via phone, web chat or in person from different parts of the world and share individual recommendations

 Autism and Possible Recovery

 Autism is a growing concern and is increasingly becoming a major disorder among children. In the U.S., one in every five children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Moreover, the likelihood of a child getting diagnosed with autism is much greater than the likelihood of being diagnosed with AIDS, diabetes and cancer, combined.

 It is possible for children to recover from the disorder. This was revealed in a study showing 50% of autistic children above the age of 5, who received the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Intervention for 30 or more hours per week and for 2 or more years recovered from autism.

 Here “recovery” refers to the child’s ability to perform at a normal level on standardized tests and their ability to operate independently in a regular educational setting, without the use of specialized supports.

 “We have been doing one-on-one intervention for years, but we wanted to make our resources available to everyone on a global scale,” Dr. Adel Najdowski, director of Skills at CARD. “It would be like finding a cure for cancer and not spreading the news. We want everyone to have access to the treatment.”

 On average, an hour of private therapy may cost between $45 and $75. The Skills program is priced at $75 a month, which would bring down the therapy rate from $70,000 to $900 a year.

 ‘Skills’ is currently implemented n 105 school districts across 7 countries. It is now available for a 14 day free trial  for parents and a 30 day free trial for professionals.


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