Samsung Galaxy S3 to get Long-Range wireless charging tech.

Battery life is one of the most annoying problems in modern high-end phones – even the 1800-2000 MHz batteries last for about a day only, and we users want our phones to stay powered for a longer period of time. Manufacturers create bigger phones with bigger batteries, but it doesn’t really affect the battery like… Actually, some revolutionary technology is needed to make phones’ batteries recharge in a very short period of time and last longer, much longer.

Samsung, the creator of the Galaxy S2 that was recognized as the best phone in the market, is now working on its next flagship, the Galaxy S3, and there are rumors that the new Galaxy phone will come with such a revolutionary technology offering… wireless charging!

Well, wireless charging isn’t actually a new thing in the market, yet the existing versions of such chargers weren’t really impressive: you had to drop your phone on an inductive power pad, but since it worked for a very small territory only, it was almost the same as charging via wires. Unlike these short-range chargers, Samsung’s new invention is going to power phones from about two meters away from the charger. So if the charger is somewhere near, your phone is always automatically being charged. And you don’t have to worry about recharging your phone, you don’t have to always keep the charger’s wired with you and so on. Sounds very easy and convenient, right?

Unfortunately, not much is known about these new technologies yet, but if they’re true and if Samsung really implements them in the new Galaxy S3, guess which phone will beat all those quad-core devices (like the HTC One X or the LG Optimus 4X HD) and even Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5!

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