Digicam Photo Recovery: Recover your deleted photos from cameras.

Many of us own a digital camera and now it has become something which is common with all. Sometimes it happens that you accidentally delete a photo or two which you might have not wanted to do, now you need those photos but how? Digicam Photo Recovery is software for people like you. Digicam Photo Recovery is freeware application which will recover all your deleted photos. Some the best features of this application are below.

  1. Freeware, no need to pay anything.
  2. Portable, so no need to install this application use right away.
  3. Recovers all of the photos you have accidently or unintentionally deleted.
  4. Very light application, only 450 kb in size.

You can download this application here: Digicam Photo Recovery.

Img courtesy: Aliensign.com

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