A look through top 5 IPad 3 Features.

The Ipad 3 was launched on March 7, 2012 with great fanfare. Due to the fact that the Ipad 3 looks identical to the Ipad 2, people naturally want to know exactly what the new features of the Ipad 3 are and if it would be worth getting it. So, Lets Look At The Nitty-Gritty and see what the new features are.

    • High-Resolution Display
      the Ipad 3 comes stock with a stunning retina display that is 9.7 inches and has a resolution of 2048 x 1536. The resolution and clarity are incredible and it’s the first tablet which has such a high resolution on a retina display. The screen is also fingerprint and scratch resistant with oleophobic coating.

      The display can handle up to 3.1 million pixels which is perfect for specific apps which will require high-resolutions such as 1080P HD videos and games.

    • Quad Core GPU Processor –A5X
      Ipad 3 is two times faster than its predecessor and the new quad core GPU enables and helps the display to produce stunning images and videos. This processor is the fastest produced for any tablet up to now. Apps will run at lightning speeds and videos will display incredible lifelike clarity and definition.


    • Voice-Recognition Dictation
      The new IOS 5.1 on the Ipad 3 comes with voice-recognition and dictation which is very accurate. Just tap the microphone icon in the keyboard and start your voice dictation. You can ask it to find a contact, make an appointment, write and send an e-mail, write and send a text and much more. Dictation can also be utilized with third-party apps as well.


    • Connectivity Enhancements
      The Ipad 3 comes stock with 4G LTE connectivity which is much faster in both upload and download speeds compared to the iPad 2. The new 4G LTE maximum speed was clocked in at 75 Mbps, depending on which service you get Verizon, AT&T or Sprint the speed can vary. The Ipad 3 has five times the download speed versus the iPad 2 and three times upload speed.


    • Upgraded Battery Life
      The Ipad 3 has the same timeframe on battery life as its predecessor, 10 hours. However, due to the fact that it’s running 4G LTE constantly, the battery life has been upgraded drastically. 4G LTE drains battery very fast and on the iPad2 will only last 5 hours compared to the 10 hours on the Ipad 3.

 The Ipad 3 is definitely not a laptop replacement however, it’s getting close. It’s much more convenient for consumption than a laptop. Tasks which involve consumption such as listening to music, reading and sending e-mail, watching videos and surfing the web, the iPad 3 will be unbeatable.  In the near future, as it gets more powerful and faster, it may very well replace the, laptop. You will definitely need high-speed 4G LTE service in order to have an enjoyable experience with the Ipad 3. Check out AT&T’s Internet service and various Ipad 3 plans. Just go to ATT uverse coupon promo page to review.

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  • Robin

    Nice round up of features.  

    A couple of observations.

    1.  If one has to blow up the screen to ridiculous levels to even see the difference visually, the differences really don’t matter!  I’ve seen the iPad 2 and new gen iPad side by side and with regular newspaper reading, the text is indistinguishable!

    2. Upgraded Battery Life is a misleading section head!  If the time is the same, that’s no upgrade!  And the time is worse with 4G.  Now, had you written, Upgraded Battery Power, that’s a different matter.  But the life is spec’d to be the same– and whether it will be in real life is yet another issue!

    • sk

      Hi Robin,
      Thanks for information, it adds more light.