Should I Buy a Laptop or Desktop Computer ?


There are so many choices for computer users these days. You can buy a laptop, a desktop, a tablet or use a smart phone. Some people use them all for different applications. If you’ve narrowed the field down to choosing between a laptop and a desktop computer, you need to consider the pros and cons of both types. Each type has strengths and limitations. Your choice will ultimately be based on how you plan to use the computer, how much you want to spend and where you want to use it. Toshiba computers and HP computers are both generally well built machines

The original laptops were actually modules that docked with a desktop computer. The module could be removed and taken with you to your home or wherever you needed it. They were large and clunky, but they had everything you needed to work remotely. Today’s laptops are small and sleek. They’re a far cry from the docking modules.

Here is a list of the benefits and drawbacks of both types of computers.

Pros of a Laptop Computer

  1. Laptops are portable. That’s their best feature. The main reason to get a laptop is to use it in many places.
  2. You always have access to your files if you have your laptop with you. If you have wireless access, you can surf the web in the park. You can even access your work server, gather your e-mails and send instant messages.
  3. Laptops have a smaller footprint. That’s a great feature if you work at a study carrel, in a library or while you wait at the doctor’s office. You can even use one on your lap at home or in a car.
  4. In most cases, the same software is available for laptops or desktops.

Cons of a Laptop Computer

  1. Laptops are easily stolen. That’s a big drawback to most users.
  2. Laptops can fall and break. You’re also at the mercy of the various switches and connectors built into your laptop. If the on/off switch dies, it’s expensive to repair.
  3. Branded laptops require certified technicians to do just about any upgrades or repairs.
  4. Laptops cost much more than desktops for the same features like memory, CPU speed and hard drives.
  5. Laptops have a smaller keyboard that can cramp the hands while typing. Their tracking pads can be tricky to manipulate.
  6. Laptops have power issues with their battery packs.

Pros of a Desktop Computer

  1. The best desktops have the best features. They have more bells and whistles.
  2. Better operating systems are available for desktops.
  3. Desktops cost less and can be repaired or upgraded by the guy down the street in his basement. In fact, many people make and sell desktop computers in their homes.
  4. Desktops have better components.
  5. Desktops have a full-sized keyboard and a mouse that is easier to use.

Cons of a Desktop Computer

  1. Desktops are definitely not portable unless you plan on using a cart or dolly. You’re confined to one space.
  2. Desktops take up a lot of space on a desk.
  3. Desktops require numerous cables.

What Does This Mean to You?

If you absolutely require portability, you need to buy a laptop. If you don’t mind being tied to a workstation or desk and want the best computer for the money, you want a desktop. You need to decide how, when and where you’ll be using your computer.

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