Zurker: New social network in town, Get a free invite.

This is the age of social networks, recently I stumbled upon a new comer in this race: Zurker. But what made me interested in Zurker is that it looks quite simple (at least at present) and I got an opportunity to create my profile in Zurker.

The biggest difference which I noticed in Zurker is unlike other social networks whose ownership is only with creators, Zurker gives you the opportunity to become the owner .Zurker gives you V-share, its giving you 10 lakh V-shares on a first-come, first-served basis and any new member can earn them by inviting new friends to Zurker.

This scheme helps both Zurker and you; Zurker becomes more popular with more members adding up and you with the V-shares which give you more power on this social network.

Zurker is still in Alpha test state and I think this is the right time to give it a try. Since in the test state you can find bugs in between which you can inform them to fix.

I don’t where it will end up and how it’s going to give a competition to world leading social networks like Facebook or twitter (if ever), but surely interesting to try out.

And what more you can get a free invitation on Techdunes, click the below link.



So give it a try, and let’s see what difference it’s going to give us from the traditional ones.


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