Clean your Windows with free File Lab Windows Cleaner.

Computer no matter comes with whatever specs or features once used for long will become slow. There are multiple reasons that can cause computers to act slowly like junk files, unwanted applications, adware’s, toolbars, virus infections, heavy startup applications and many such reasons. Well that’s the time it becomes important to clean up the computer so that it retains its good performance.

File Lab Windows Cleaner is a very effective online utility which will help you in that. File Lab cleaner basically performs these following functions.

  1. Removed unwanted entries: removed junk files, temp internet files, registry entries and many more.
  2. Creates a secure system state/backup so that even if something goes wrong you can revert back the old settings.
  3. Do a PC audit: show your pc’s present condition in a summarized manner and thus gives you a clear picture on areas we need to concentrate to make it like good.
  4. Allows you to customize the cleanup and repair process, here you can opt in or opt out if you feel the show results are false positive.

Advantages of File Lab Cleaner:

  1. Light and works online.
  2. Extremely fast.
  3. Free


Surely a very useful utility to try: File Lab Windows Cleaner.


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