Better parental control online with Care4teen.

In a family environment which includes parents and kids one of the most important things to consider in this digital age is better parental control when your kids are online. Technology has widened and developed so that now it’s an inevitable part of our life and we just can’t ignore this more over gone are those days when kids had limited exposure to digital world like computers and internet.

But in a family environment where you have teenage kids it becomes important for parents to consider seriously about parental controls since there are chances that your kids get the bad side of internet which can create great problems in their overall character and development. So it becomes important that you have a control on what they access online, what they browse and also to save them from bad online world.

Care4teen is service which helps parents to control your kids when they are online and keep an eye on what they watch and their online behavior.

The below video explains more about Care4teen.

A summary of Care4teen:

  1. Once you have installed Care4teen application in your kid’s computer, you have option to watch complete online activity on that particular computer with Care4teen online dashboard.
  2. You can see what your kids watch like online video (which are most common nowadays) , surfed websites. Care4teen even records the screencast which enables parents to view what exactly your kids have viewed when online with time viewed.
  3. Detailed report also is available where parents can view exactly which domains your kids were in and also particular URL which they have watched. For example in Youtube your child might have watched multiple videos and Care4teen shows you all these information. This helps parents in blocking a particular video rather than blocking a complete website or domain.
  4. Parental community: Now this is an interesting feature where parents can view or interact with similar people who have used this service and which all services they have blocked and the reason behind.

In the first look Care4teen is great service for parents who have fear that their kids can get into trouble and problems when online.

Lear more: Care4teen.

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