India: Social networks face tough times.

Indian government and judiciary are getting now tighter towards leading social networks, recently a union minister commented that social network contents must be screened and obscene comments about political parties and leaders should be removed without notice.  To add further Delhi resident, Mr. Vinay Rai has filed a petition against companies including Orkut, Yahoo and YouTube for posting obscene contents against Hindu deities, the Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ.

Side appearing for the social networks claimed that its literally impossible for using filters for blocking certain word like for example “sex” since it literally blocks almost everything, also they added that they don’t have any control on what users post on their pages.

They also added that India is country where its citizen has freedom of speech and deleting any their contents is like absolute reverse of their basic rights. Moreover amount of contents added in services like Youtube is so large that it’s literally impossible to a moral policing all of them and then deletes them.

It seems like it does not reach anywhere since Indian democracy gives privileges rights to its citizens and not like China where there are lots of restrictions on anything you do online and have a strong hand  on all online activities.

What do you think, is this going to do some help? Do comment. 🙂

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