5 P’s To Keep Your Facebook Fans Happy.

You have started a Facebook Fan Page, now what? A common mistake for some Facebook Fan Page owners is starting a page and then neglecting its fans. Your fans are key to helping and growing your business. Make sure your fans are happy by remembering to mind your p’s.

Posts Post daily, if not several times a day. Facebook see’s the most traffic during lunch time and when people are home on Saturdays. So post interesting news, questions, updates or quotes for your fans  during these and other times. Also don’t forget to thank your fans often because there is nothing like customer appreciation.

Pictures: We are visual society that needs and wants to see everything that is going on. Post pictures daily of the office, new products or something you think your fans will enjoy. Keep your fans wanting more by not flooding them with hundreds of pictures. Think of the pictures as a teaser. Create photo albums with names that would intrigue the fan, then slowly build the album with matching posts that say, ‘stay tuned, more pics to come!’

Polls: Who doesn’t like a good poll? Not only are they fun but they are informative. Asking questions is also a business tool you can use to benefit business decisions. For example if you are curious if you should start selling a new product, simply poll your fans what they think. This will make your fans fill important and needed.

Positivity: Refrain from posting your frustrations and woes. Negative posts, pictures or comments will turn the fan off quickly. Everyone has problems and issues, no need to air out your dirty laundry. Keep everything light-hearted and informative. A good tip about handling negativity: If you receive a negative comment, respond quickly and professionally then follow up through personal messaging. Chances are most of your fans saw that negative comment and are watching for your response. As much as you want to, do not delete that response. It will only give off the message to your fans that a possible mistake has been made on your behalf.

Pondering Questions: Engaging your fans with questions as your status updates, is a great way to get your fans active. It can be simple question like, ‘It’s almost the weekend, any fun plans friends?’ or something pertaining to your company like “What do you think about our newest product?” Avoid any questions or topics about religion or politics (unless that is what your business is in). Controversial issues can cause some unhappy fans.

Following these rules will keep your Facebook fans happy and active. And a happy fan is the cheapest trick to growing your business because of ‘word of mouth’. So get out there and start updating, happy posting!

Author Bio:

This is a guest post from Laura Backes, she enjoys writing about all kinds of subjects and also topics related to internet service providers in my area.

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