Buying cheap car insurance through your smartphone

Car insurance comparison sites like Moneysupermarket are often praised for the manner in which they have revolutionized how motorists buy insurance and what drivers pay to get annual cover.

Now Moneysupermarket have released the first car insurance comparison app to be launched in the UK to make it even easier for vehicle owners to buy insurance while on the go.

The Moneysupermarket car insurance app is initially available free of charge exclusively to iPhone users, but plans are afoot to also bring it out for Android phones over the coming months.

Benefits of downloading it include the fact that the average car insurance savings available through Moneysupermarket is a staggering £375, while the app itself is also simple to use and easy to navigate around. Just insert all your relevant details and a wide range of quotes are then a few clicks away.

Use the ‘click to call’ function if you want to talk to a specific insurer about a particular issue or pay then and there for your annual cover. The choice is yours.

Moneysupermarket’s Julie Fisher said: “The cost of running a car has been increasing markedly over the last few years, with petrol prices on the up and car insurance a yearly necessity for all drivers.

“People are naturally keen to take action, and shop around to switch to the best possible car insurance deal.

“The launch of the Moneysupermarket car insurance app has made it even easier for people to find the right car cover for the best possible price – allowing people to compare a huge range of quotes quickly and easily – anytime, anywhere. It’s another example of how Moneysupermarket is helping people to make the most of their money.”

Getting car insurance at low, low prices has never been quicker or more convenient for smartphone users.

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