Sucuri: Check any website for Malware or Viruses.

Very recently this blog was attacked by spammers and they were successful in exploiting my blog and placing malware entries inside. The biggest problem I faced was that it’s hard to find out if your page is infected ,even in house antivirus did not show still I saw I was losing visitors so I did a research and the found a brilliant online site which gave complete details of infection and which helped me in removing all those. is online service where you do complete test of website for malwares, viruses and many more.  Sucuri can great online service for any webmasters which saved my life. You can do a search of your site which will give your complete result.

See the image below of

If Malwares or Infections found:

You can contact your webhost to help you out in removing infections and files. Well if you are someone who need complete protection can subscribe the Sucuri which will help you out.

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