Speaktoit: Google Siri alternative for Android.

We have mentioned about IPhone’s new feature called Siri in one of our previous post. In this post I will explain about a competitor to IPhone’s Siri application on Android. Speaktoit ... Continue Reading →

Bestylish: Select the best shoe brand online.

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How to enable view full file extension on certain files.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Own a Blog.

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Dual-core A5 chip makes iPad work faster.

The techno world is buzzing with frenzied news of Ipad2-it looks, performance and upgrade applications. But the standout improvement everyone is talking about is the new A5 dual core ... Continue Reading →

Sixth Sense Technology: future seems perfect.

In this I would like to share a brilliant video on Sixth Sense technology by Pranav Mistry on TED. In this video he explains about Sixth sense technology where he brings our physical ... Continue Reading →

Create Google + Page for your brand and business.

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Create a free website, free .IN domain name and hosting.

This is brilliant opportunity for people in India to create free website, yes you heard it right you can create a free website with free .IN domain name, free hosting from Hostgator. ... Continue Reading →

Sucuri: Check any website for Malware or Viruses.

Very recently this blog was attacked by spammers and they were successful in exploiting my blog and placing malware entries inside. The biggest problem I faced was that it’s hard ... Continue Reading →