Iphone 4S: Improvements and new features.

Iphone new version: Iphone 4S is now available for public and from the initial reviews it has been noted that it’s already a hit and hot. Iphone 4S can be surely called as an improved ... Continue Reading →

Remote Desktop Client from Google Chrome.

In one my previous post I have published about “10 best remote pc access software’s.”, in this post I will introduce you to another free and powerful remote desktop client which ... Continue Reading →

News: Bluestacks service open to public.

Couple months ago we have in posted (Run any Android apps on Windows with Bluestacks.) about Bluestacks service by which  you can open all Android apps on your Windows operating system ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to edit the Boot menu in Windows 7.

Windows older versions like Windows XP gave you option for editing the boot menu. This feature was quite handy when you multiple operating systems installed in your pc. But once you ... Continue Reading →

Apple launches iCloud, tougher times for Androids.

It would tougher time for Apple competitors now since Apple Inc has finally launched their much awaited cloud service: Apple Cloud. Apple cloud is service by which users can automatically ... Continue Reading →

How to download offline Microsoft Security Essentials Updates.

If you are using Microsoft Security Essential for protecting your pc which is free program from Microsoft for its pc customers you need an internet connection for frequent and automatic ... Continue Reading →

APPLE ex CEO/Founder Steve Jobs passes away. (1955-2011)

APPLE ex CEO/one of the Founder Mr. Steve Jobs passes away at the age of 56.  Steve quit APPLE CEO Post due to his deteriorating health condition six months ago.  As he himself ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Windows logon and security options.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 are much more secure operating system than its predecessors, In this post I will explain how you can make your Windows Login more secure by adding the traditional ... Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: How to reset URL hide on Firefox 7.

If you have updated a new Firefox that is Firefox 7 then you might have noticed a little change on the address bar (where you type your website address). The change is that when you ... Continue Reading →

INFOGRAPH: Cell phone missing or lost? You are not alone.

Cell phones are integral part of our life and for most of us we can’t think day without them. In US percentage of cell[hone users is 96% of total population. When you misplace a ... Continue Reading →