No more wires in charging iPhone 6.

There has been much news for the gadget lovers about the upcoming iPhone6. The iPhone6 is meant to be another addition to the series of Apple’s innovative technology. It is supposed to give a fresh experience to its users, the significance being attributed to its cordless nature. The maker, Apple, is apparently doing much in this regard. One of the sources brings out that the manufacturer is planning a major iPhone revamp. Supposedly, the company has been experimenting with certain features of the iPhone, one being the new way of charging. It is anticipated that this new charging method shall focus on faster charging or wireless charging. Apple may come up with improvements to iPhone charging, which would add to their already existing market share.

Innovation being an integral part of technology, it would be a pleasant revelation for the users if the iPhone goes wireless. Apple has revealed its inclination to bring out accessories in resolving common user complaints in the past. Examples like the Smart Covern are one to mention.

Presently, there are many options to choose for wireless charging. One is the wireless charging solution from Powermat. The company provides the option of wireless charging (you can charge multiple devices) electronic devices through a mat. The device’s back has an adapter attached to it. A conductive charging pad is used to charge the device, whenever needed. But there is an additional spending ($99.99 for this mat).

Inductive charging is one type of wireless charging. Other types of wireless charging are radio charging and resonance charging. While resonance charging is used for larger items, radio charging is used for cell phones, hearing aids, etc. Inductive charging poses some obstructions in the form of lower efficiency and increased resistive heating (compared to direct contact).

The wireless technology is not a new concept to the industry. It dates back to year 1899, when Nikola Tesla used it to light bulbs. It caters to a wide variety of devices like cell phones, laptop computers and MP3 players. Its applicability also extends to robots and electric cars. Inductive charging, one of the popular methods of wireless charging, is used for charging mid-sized items such as cell phones. However, wireless technology may increase the manufacturing cost and complexity.

The iPhone6 is expected to charge faster, reducing the need for extra battery cases for its users. It is expected that the Apple iPhone6 may surpass the Lenovo laptop battery, which can get charged (up to 80%) within 30 minutes. Rumor points the charging time to be near about 30 minutes (full charge). But it would be wise to wait for the anticipated 2012 launch than derive conclusion from rumors alone. The wide variety of iPhone accessories are already an advantage for the users.

Wireless technology can certainly add to your flexibility and comfort. The idea of “Linked but not tied” is central here. The Wireless Power Consortium lays the international standard for interoperable wireless charging.

It is time when the reality would come out for the people. It is purely speculative that Apple may incorporate this wireless technology into the iPhone6. The company has filed several patents earlier also which have proven not to be indicative of the features in its next iPhone. Example, like the patent related to solar-powered iPhone, elucidate the lack of genuine report.


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