A look through history of Google’s Doodles.

If you using internet since last decade then if someone asks you tell one website which you visit most common then there would be one answer and that is Google.

Google has begun its journey on Jan 1996 becoming live on internet. After that it has come a long way. Over these years we have seen Google improving in all the sectors of web and internet. Same has happened when it comes with Google logos or as Google says it Google Doodles. Google has done lots of experiments and fun with its Doodles even though they keep the original logo intact at times mostly on many special occasions.

Well if you are someone who are interested in checking all those through out the history and also plan to contribute some of your ideas then you can do that.

Google has a dedicated page for all those enthusiasts.

You can check how Google has gone through history and also provide your stuffs.

 Check it out: Google Doodles. 


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