Iphone 4S: Improvements and new features.

Iphone new version: Iphone 4S is now available for public and from the initial reviews it has been noted that it’s already a hit and hot. Iphone 4S can be surely called as an improved version of Iphone 4 and it has improved in features and functionality. Below are 8 such improvement and new additions.

  1. Longer Battery Life: Apple has claimed (waiting for user comments) that Iphone 4S will have better and longer battery life. As per Apple it will give 8 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of browsing (9 hours on Wi-Fi), 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music. Surely something everyone needs badly.
  2. Apple icloud: Apple icloud, the online cloud storage introduced by Apple will be active in new Iphone 4S.
  3. A5 Processor: Apple will have the same processor which is A5 found in IPad 2. A5 is dual-core A5 processor which will give better speed, power and much improved graphical experience. Also A5 is will better 3D experience for users.
  4. New IOS 5 : Iphone 4S will come with Apple’s new IOS 5 operating system with key features like new messaging service called iMessage, that will let users easily send text messages, photos and videos between all iOS 5 users, Twitter integration and improved photo editing features.
  5. Versions GSM and CDMA: Iphone 4S will have for the first time supports GSM and CDMA network carriers. This would be a welcome facility in many countries.
  6. Better Antenna: No worries about the antenna problem which was there when Iphone 4 was released since Apple has made major improvements in antenna design. The new design allows users switch between two antennas to improve call quality this also allows for quicker downloads.
  7. Siri feature: New voice recognition feature only available for Iphone 4S. Apple says this feature uses artificial intelligence which let users perform tasks like asking Siri for a weather update anywhere in the world, or setting an alarm, or asking for places to eat, or making a calendar appointment.
  8. Improved Camera: Apple 4S has 8 Mega Pixel camera shoots 1080p HD video also has real time image stabilization, improved editing features.

Conclusion: Iphone 4S can be said as improved Iphone 4 and bundled with features and facility which every user was looking for long. Certainly Worth a buy.

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