Apple launches iCloud, tougher times for Androids.

It would tougher time for Apple competitors now since Apple Inc has finally launched their much awaited cloud service: Apple Cloud. Apple cloud is service by which users can automatically store photos, songs and other files on Apple’s data centers servers and sync them with all Apple gadgets which they possess. Now when you store a song/video/photo on your iPhone it will automatically synced to your other Apple devices like iPad, Mac or even any computer running iTunes.

 Bill Whyman: technology analyst at Apple says “”iCloud could raise the switching costs for the customer and the barriers to entry for the competitor, that’s very powerful.”

 It’s also estimated that Apple’s market value will be increased from $100 billion to $500 billion, due to the service’s effect on hardware sales and purchases of songs, movies and other media.

How to get iCloud?

 Apple has made it quite simple since iCloud will be included in coming IOS updates which is available yesterday (12th Oct 2011).

 Learn more: Apple iCloud. 


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