Vimeo opens its Vimeo Music Store.

World’s favourite online video site: Vimeo now has its Music store. With Music store introduction you can now search your favourite videos or tracks, download them and even buy your ... Continue Reading →

No more wires in charging iPhone 6.

There has been much news for the gadget lovers about the upcoming iPhone6. The iPhone6 is meant to be another addition to the series of Apple’s innovative technology. It is supposed ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft predicts the future next.

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Tips: How to activate Facebook Timeline simple way.

Facebook has now begun its trial on Timeline feature, Timeline is feature which will give an entire look and feel to your Facebook profile. This feature was introduced Facebook F8 ... Continue Reading →

Translate your speech real time with Google Translate on Android.

Google Translate has brought another innovation to its Google Translate service, now you can translate you real time speech to your desired language and this is available as an app ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: Cloud Computing Is Truly on the Way

Windows 8 released recently as the Re-Creation of Windows was demonstrated at the BUILD conference in California only a few days ago. The operating system is extremely fast and seems ... Continue Reading →

Sites to download best fonts free online.

 If you are someone who loves different fonts and are looking for sources to download some of them then this article is for you. In this post I will explain 5 best websites from where ... Continue Reading →

A look through history of Google’s Doodles.

If you using internet since last decade then if someone asks you tell one website which you visit most common then there would be one answer and that is Google. Google has begun its ... Continue Reading →

Tips to Make money online.

Chances are, you know that there are many ways to make money online. Blogging, freelancing, becoming a virtual assistant, affiliate marketing and so on. But all these take quite a ... Continue Reading →

Apple IPhone 4S: The power of SIRI.

IPhone 4S is coming with Apple’s innovated and intelligent speech recognition technology called SIRI. In short Siri allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, ... Continue Reading →