Windows 8: The era of post PC begins.

Post PC is not about asking to get rid of the PC. It’s about developing a series of devices which can act as a PC for every user. Thus catering both the technical user and a common ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 developer snapshots and images.

Below some of the screenshots of Windows 8 screenshots, Microsoft has released its Windows 8 developer version. If you have not tried it then it’s the right time. Below are some snapshots.   Screenshots:                                                                                                                                       Hope ... Continue Reading →

Fix HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED Error when installing Windows 8 on VMware.

Hi in previous post I have mentioned about the Microsoft’s official release of Windows 8 development preview. Now I have noted that while installing it on VMware you there might ... Continue Reading →

How Save Edit, Backup or Restore Outlook NK2 file.

If you are using Outlook then you must have used Nickname Cache (NK2) feature regularly. Well now if you are confused what is this Nickname Cache (NK2) is, then its  data or to be ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8: Official pre-release version now available for download.

Microsoft’s next much awaited operating system – Windows 8 is already much hyped. Well the greatest and latest news in the series is that now you can try out the Windows 8 prerelease ... Continue Reading →

Google Buys Motorola – For the Phones or the Patents?

Internet giants are at war in Silicon Valley. In this instance, however, it isn’t a fight over the newest technologies, rather, some of the more outdated. Holding a patent legally ... Continue Reading →

Last Pass: Manage all your passwords hassle free.

In this modern age we have lots of online accounts ,may it be your mail account, social network, blogs, bank accounts   and this list goes on increasing and one thing which is most ... Continue Reading →

Excel: How to remove the password.

For protection of our excel sheets most of password protect them. Since it gives simple yet powerful security to your excel files it’s a good feature. But at times we may end up ... Continue Reading →

Firefox: Color your Firefox tabs with ColorfulTabs.

If you are someone who likes to stylize your Firefox browser the ColorfulTabs is something which you will be like very much. With ColorfulTabs you can change the color of firebox tabs. ... Continue Reading →

Shouldichangemypassword: check if your password is compromised or not?

Maintaining multiple accounts online has now become common thing nowadays. But most of us are not so attentive when it comes to handling different accounts and this ignorance is utilized ... Continue Reading →