Google Plus is now public and open to all.

At last the day has come, or is it? Anyways Google has announced that its ambitious project Google Plus is now open for public. This means that now you have no wait time. Anyone can register and anyone can join. Google shows this announcement very publically at its Google Search page.

Well it can be said as good tactics from Google since Google search is most viewed website or rather the no one website which is used by almost everyone around the world at least for a single time.

So giving an eye catching ad about their Plus service can attract more music. Even though Google Plus is public most of surveys say that there is slight dip in user interest on Google Plus so it will be quite early to predict that it will be no one and may prove heavy for the present King of Social network: Facebook.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait and watch.

Learn more: Google Blog.

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    We’ll see if they will beat Facebook.