5 best sites to listen Bollywood music online.

If you are a fan of Bollywood film music, then this post is for you. In this article I will tell you about 5 best online music sites which allow you to enjoy music online.





Raaga.com: has got lots of music collection with its database. One feature which makes Raaga one of the best is that it has got almost all categories of Indian music. Raaga has movie songs, video songs, Indian classical music of different genre and many more.  Another great thing about Raaga is it gives you customized results also, like suppose you are fan of RD Burman then you have option hear most of them. Raaga also has music from different film industries in India like Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telungu, Kannada and many more.

Take a look: Raaga.com.

Gaana.com:  Another brilliant service online, and if you are a Bollywood songs fan then Gaana is just for you. Gaana also a one good feature that it’s a clean site no annoying popup ads etc. Also Gaana has guge collection of Bollywood songs and almost all new ones added as when they are released.

Take a look: Gaana.com


IN Music: Another great site which provides similar kind of service. One good feature about In Music is it has lots of categories like Albums, Artists , Karaoke  and what more you can hear online radio also from In music.

Take a look: IN Music.


Dhingana.com: this is another brilliant site where you can access quality music online. It has large amount of archives in its database. Find your favorite songs and create music playlist.

Take a look: Dhingana.com.


There are more such useful sites, which I will mention in my later articles. Hope you liked it and would provide useful.

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