Locate places, landmarks and events around you with Zippro.

Internet is all together can be said huge amount of information at your finger steps. But when it comes to searching something which we may require in daily life a place you want to visit, a restaurant where you want to dine, attend a local event, visit a local mall then searching on net may give lots of cluttered information and sorting what you require from them may be tough task.

Zippro is online service which will help you in such situation. Zip.pro helps you discover local businesses, eateries, cafes, events et al. This is accomplished by giving you a 360 degree overview of the businesses in your area through client testimonials, guide maps, pictures, editorial reviews etc. all powered by a highly intuitive user-interface built specifically for achieving the end objective.

Using Zippro is also pretty simple ,only you have to enter the information you are looking for and the location where you are looking for ,for example suppose you want to search for KFC’s in New york enter those and you will get information about all KFC’s around city New York.

And what you also get information of exact location with Google Map option.

Learn more, check it out: Zip.pro.

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