AeroFS: sync your files with complete control and flexibility.

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How to restore back image preview on folders from thumbnail view.

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Google + introduces Games, for limited users now.

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Secure your privacy and delete personal info’s on web with Abine.

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Network security checker – Sharescan.

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Facebook Messenger is a Messenger app not a chat client!

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Must have Google+ Chrome Extensions.

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Apple wins the battle, problems for Galaxy tab in EU countries.

Apple has won the battle against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, as the fact remains that its copycat of IPad and Apple got the results for that. Apple has won a case against Samsung; German ... Continue Reading →

M-Disc: an optical disk which lasts forever.

A new tech startup Millenniata is developed an optical disc : M Disc which they stay last forever (a 1000 year ) and what more its scratch proof, heat proof and even remains intact ... Continue Reading →

Anonymous threats to down Facebook on 5th of Nov.

The self-proclaimed internet activist group “Anonymous” has come out public press release that they are going to bring down Facebook on 5th of Nov. In the message to public Anonymous ... Continue Reading →