The white iPhone is flying off the shelves worldwide

The world of mobile devices has always encountered itself with new innovations and surprises. Day by day, mobile devices are increasingly becoming a part of man’s life. Even a person, who is not a mobile freak, cannot live without his mobile phone even for a day, just because it keeps him in touch with his family and friends. Every day, mobile devices are becoming smarter and faster. iPhone is no exception to this. When it was launched, everyone could feel a change in the direction of the wind in the mobile world.

White iPhone 4

In July 2010, it was announced that the then release of Apple, the white iPhone 4 would face some delay. This delay got pushed to 10 months when finally in late April, the white iPhone 4 was launched. White iPhone 4 faced a number of rumors much before its launch. But, the day it was launched, it blew away all the rumors and speculations that were against it. The mass response was overwhelming

Rumors and assumptions that were prevailing before the official launch

Before the official launch of the white iPhone, its launch had already been delayed. With this delay, there were a number of rumors that were prevailing and hardly any of them seemed to be in favor of this product.

1. There were a number of rumors that there were flaws in functioning with the white color of the phone.

2. Also, there was an intuition that because of the expected launch of iPhone 5 just about 5 to 6 months after the launch of white iPhone 4, people would be reluctant to try out the white iPhone or to be specific, would hesitate to empty their wallets for the new white iPhone.

Difference in White and Black iPhone 4

There is a significant difference in the camera of the black and the white iPhone 4. The lens of the white iPhone appears different than that of the black one. Also, the two cameras shoot an image differently. An image shot by the camera of a white iPhone 4 when compared with the same image shot by the camera of a black iPhone 4, appeared brighter or over exposed. This difference in the image shot is possibly because of the white surface of the iPhone body, i.e., the way light gets reflected due to the white surface.

Features of the white iPhone 4

1. The white iPhone 4’s overall look is a real elegant one. It is white in total, including the home button. If one is to compare it with the white piece of iPhone 3G then it is totally different

2. The white iPhone 4 has the best resolution display as compared to the previous versions of iPhones as well as many other mobile phones in this category.

3. Also, the VoiceOver feature of iPhone 4 improves the overall experience of the users.

Thus, with so many new features, the white iPhone, in true sense is flying off the shelves. It has gone through a number of rumors and different assumptions before its launch. Also, according to Apple, manufacturing white iPhone was not an easy task. The white color of the phone had effects on the internal components of the phone. Also, functioning of the sensor and other hardware of the phone was affected by the white color of the phone. In spite of all these constraints and rumors, the white approved has been highly accepted by the mass. Also, with such a response to the white iPhone, it would be interesting to wait and watch the launch of the awaited iPhone 5.

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