How to get rid of duplicate contacts problem on Blackberry.

If you are a Blackberry user and you are facing a common problem which lots of users around the world are facing- duplicate contacts and how to remove them. Then this article is for you.

Well this issue may happen because of multiple reasons, well rather than going to reasons I will tell you a possible solution for this messy problem which had made many of our lives tough.

In this trick what we will do is to remove/delete all contacts from Blackberry and then resynchronize so that all the duplicates are gone.

  1. Click on the contacts from your Blackberry smartphone.
  2. Now select options by clicking the Blackberry key on your smartphone.
  3. Now you need to type rset, well you may not have any field to type this, but you need to type this from your keypad with Options open.
  4. It will ask you confirm and proceed, go ahead.

This will remove/wipe all your contacts from the Blackberry device, now wait for the all the contacts to be downloaded to your phone.

That’s it, hope this helped. Do comment. 🙂

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