New Study: Security aspects of Cloud technology.

The world of internet has become an inevitable part of everyday life of individuals. The concept of cloud computing is not new. Cloud computing is the tool by which data and applications are managed in the integrated world of the internet and central remote servers. An example is Gmail. While using Gmail, you need not install a software/hardware on your computer system. An internet connection is all which is needed in your computer system. The remote server manages (here service provider Gmail) the entire data transfer which is on the cloud (i.e. the internet). This eases an end user from getting into the intricacies and complexities of adding any device or having detailed knowledge about the working. The user is restricted only to the end product.

Cloud computing can potentially yield considerable business and user benefits. However, there are certain flaws associated. There is a concern regarding the flexibility and vulnerability of controlling and manipulating, legally or illegally, the communication and data stored by the user with the service provider.

Amazon is a major service provider in the United States and the European Union. Experts have also brought out the fact that among 1,100 Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) deployed by service provider Amazon, about 30% are prone to risk. The Darmstadt Research Center for Advanced Security (CASED) researchers have found key security flaws in the virtual machines of Amazon by using a vulnerability scanner. Reason behind such vulnerability has been attributed to the careless manner in which the customers use and install the applications. The ignorant and careless attitude of the customers is a growing cause of concern for the security analysts. More susceptibility leads to greater chances of misuse of data and applications. The services of Amazon Web Services (AWS) were scrutinized by the research team of Fraunhofer SIT in Darmstadt and the System Security Lab at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. They could easily extract data like passwords and certificates which are critical to users. These can be misused effortlessly by hackers to their advantage.

The virtual world is short of security measures, although there are some tools like cryptography, particularly Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and virtual machine support. The cloud computing models are still to grow and mature to handle the disadvantages. Privacy and compliance are major issues in the model. The severity of flaws in the model is not to be sidelined and requisite measures need to be adopted. Even security tools, like the Secure Shell (SSH), are susceptible to be manipulated or evaded by the attackers leading to mishandling of vital information.

A company’s database is critical to its profile and mishandling of the same can be unfortunate. There should be in depth knowledge with the experts (the engineers) about the working of the cloud model (hardware, software, deployment, etc). It has been found that even the experts, at times, lack the required knowledge and platform to effectively use the model for minimizing disadvantages, particularly misuse.

The concept of cloud computing is in wide usage today. It is required to pioneer business models with the use of technological tools like cloud computing. A virtual environment is difficult to monitor but sustainability and security tools can be advanced to control the vulnerability.


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