Floating smartphone: A reason to replace your iPhone

Mobile designers In-Oh Yoo and Sun-woong Oh have invented something that may soon replace the iPhone. Their new smartphone and smartphone-charger concept seeks to redefine the limits of mobile phone conceptualization. This one is a concept creation that makes science fiction an immediate reality.

The combo design of the smartphone and charging-cradle works in unison to create technological magic. Although the smartphone might have a non-novel design, the non-novelty is only restricted to that. The rest is completely new.

What is new?

There are two points at the top and bottom of the smartphone. Both these points intake electricity through magnetic induction. This means, that the smartphone charges wirelessly. The charging-cradle has an electrically induced magnetic field. Now coming back to the magic part. The cradle is actually a roofed, upright structure. When the smartphone is placed into the charging-cradle, the smartphone actually stands and levitates. It maintains an equal distance between the roofs of the charging cradle. Got the magic?

But the magic does not stop here. When the smartphone gets a call or a message, it starts to spin in the air! What a sight to see levitated mobile phones dancing in mid air. Besides it this phone has an after image. It is a 3D image which displays details of the caller, or sender of the message. This technology is called after-image effect. Unlike a placid screen, the screen of this smartphone offers a unique three dimensional view. As the phone rotates on its imaginary axis, you can see rich graphics from the phone in a three dimensional orientation.

Coming to aesthetics and design, it does not fall short as well. A candy-bar look characterizes a large part of this smartphone’s structure. Looking very much like iPhone, the smartphone could be easily mistaken to be one. Sleek, and palm-sized, the smartphone packs sophistication and priceless interactivity. With this concept, very soon floating smartphones could be the trend. The floating smartphone adds a lot of value when kept in and around the house too. The creative and interactive design of the smartphone creates a unique and entertaining experience for everyone.

What are the future prospects of this smartphone?
It is a futuristic phone. So it has a future. The best thing about this smartphone is the 3D effects it creates when it spins about in the air. This is something that is novel and extremely innovative. Although the utility factor of such a design is less, the entertainment factor is high. After all, all smartphones have risen away from being basic necessities to being pads of single-source entertainment.

 Image credits:[yankodesign.com] and [Metatrendmedia]

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