Google + introduces Games, for limited users now.

Facebook may have tough time ahead, well Google on the charge mood first with release of Google + and now Google + has Games, just like Facebook Games. If something made Facebook so popular among public and what other social networks didn’t had was Facebook Games. It’s open news how Facebook games like City villa etc is famous. Now Google has followed the same track with introduction of Google + Games. Well Google has yet made it the same style, that is first for couple of selected users and then full fledge release.

So we can expect Google + will roll out Games for all users gradually, well still Google + is not open for full public.

When you try to check Google Games (direct link:  ,once you logged in to your Google + account) you may most probably gtt below message. This also means Google has filtered users for the trial run.

This introduction is something which Facebook may have feared and now it’s happening from Google side. So tough times ahead Facebook!

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