Facebook Messenger is a Messenger app not a chat client!

Well as you will aware that Facebook has released its Facebook Messenger app for both Iphone and Android. From the release date there has been much discussion around the tech world about it. One such discussion is that Facebook Messenger app is not good chat client, it does not show friends online etc.

Well after checking out details and installing this app I have found that lots of people have misconception about this app. In reality Facebook Messenger is not a chat client like any other chat client ,whereas Facebook Messenger is dedicated app to access all your Facebook  messages. Now this statement is self-explanatory from Facebook that this app helps you to direct access Messages which a normal Facebook app gives you by putting  little effort.

So as a result you can’t expect to get all those facility like viewing all friends online etc.  Well the issue behind is that people has misconception that Facebook Messenger is app where you can chat with Facebook friends whereas Facebook Messenger is a shortcut app to Facebook Messenger.

Download this app: Facebook Messenger (Android) , Facebook Messenger (Iphone) 

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