WordPress releases its impressive 3.2 –WordPress Gershwin

It has been very recent when I remember WordPress has updated its version, yet again this time pretty fast  than normal WordPress brings you its next version. Well the only reason ... Continue Reading →

Track emails, learn who reads it and get more info.

If you get an anonymous email or want to send someone an email which you are not sure of where it is getting delivered ,who is reading this, how many times the recipient has read it ... Continue Reading →

Android x86 2.2 released, run Android on your Pc.

We all know how popular Android is on the smart phones and tabs. But when it comes to Pc’s there is very little number of people who might have used it. Well if you are impressed ... Continue Reading →

Real time comments for WordPress with Livefyre.

For any blogger comments are very important. It shows how popular your topics are and these comments can also improve your site rank. Livefyre is real time comment service which can ... Continue Reading →

Check your password strength with Microsoft Safety & Security Center.

In my very recent article I have said about a Firefox add-on which can check your password strength and also set criteria etc – Check your password strength on Firefox with Bad ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Office 365 Trial released for public.

Microsoft’s answer to Google Apps, Office 365 has been released for public. At present the trial version is released for public. With this release you can use all Microsoft applications ... Continue Reading →

Rename file names in bulk with Bulk Rename Utility.

When it comes to renaming files it becomes a tough task if you have large amount of files. But the fact is today we deal lots of files whether its photos taken from our digital cam, ... Continue Reading →

Express Planner – Free project planning software for small businesses

The Planning Force  Express Planner is free project planning software which provides small companies a free way to optimize the planning of their projects and their resources. ... Continue Reading →

Create multi boot USB drive with Pendrivelinux YUMI.

In recent years UBS drives have grown so popular that now it has become something which almost everyone possesses. Some qualities of USB which makes it famous are that it’s faster, ... Continue Reading →