File Dropper: Send large files up to 5 GB free, without any registration

Since we are living in an age of high speed internet and large amount of data around, a reliable service which can help to send data is very important. Traditional emails have lots of limitations and restrictions when it comes to sending large size data or files. Most of email providers whether it’s your corporate or your free public emails all them may give you option to send around 10 MB of data which is much less .

Here I will introduce about a file transfer service by which you can not only send large amount of data also its absolutely free.

File Dropper is such a free service where you send up to 5GB of data for free and what more you don’t need to even take pain of lengthy registration.

Using File Dropper is pretty simple:

  1. From the File Dropper homepage, upload the required file.(up to 5 GB)
  2. After the file has been uploaded you will be provided with link which you can share with your college or friend, and they can download the file any part of the world.

Check out this useful service: File Dropper Homepage.

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