Mozilla to develop mobile Operating system.

As you all will be aware that since Android release, mobile operating system market has boomed. Android open source operating system now powers many world famous smart phones and tabs around the world and it has been a success. Ever since Android release it had never faced a tough similar type competition since there aren’t any famous competitors in the market. IOS and Blackberry cannot be said as real competitor for Android since they are proprietary systems which are only built for their own devices.

But future may be different since it’s heard that popular open source community and developers of Firefox browser, Mozilla is planning to develop their own open source mobile operating system.

Mozilla has been developing open source platforms code named “Gecko” which in future can result in development of an open operating system.

This means that Android will now have a tougher competition ahead, and as per users are concerned it would be a great time since they will have option to select the best.

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