Help your friends in switching to Gmail from other email providers.

Gmail has now become worlds one of the favorite free email providers. Well lots of your colleagues and friends might already have Gmail account, but still there may be many which do not have one. It may be because of multiple reasons like some does not want try out something new or maybe they are using another provider for pretty long so do not want to switch. No Gmail will help you to help those friends who have not yet made it to Gmail.

Well the process is pretty simple, just login to your Gmail account from the Gmail Email Intervention site (a part of Google) and select the contacts of your friends who do not have a Gmail account. Now Gmail Intervention will create a customizable email which gives your friend information about advantages of having a Gmail account, like video chat inside Gmail or call your friend right inside Gmail etc.

This email is send to your friend, who will find how useful it would be to have a Gmail.

See the below video:

So what are you waiting for, invite your friends: Gmail Email Intervention.

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