Quick Guide: How to guide on Google +.

Google + has arrived, it’s a service from internet Giants Google to get in to race with world number one social network Facebook and other top names like Twitter ,Linkedin etc.As all other Google major releases Google have started the service with an invitation only option for the time being. Well I lucky enough to get an invite from one of my friend.

Well going through Google +, the first opinion which I can say is that Google have tried to make its social venture much unique and quite different from others on market like Facebook. Features like circle, hangouts and integration of other Google services like Picasa albums etc.

In this post I will tell some quick “how tos” inside Google +:

  1. Privacy: When it comes to Google, it becomes more important for us to know what the things we are sharing and what the things which any body can access. Well this is important since Google + connects other Google products with plus account. To get a better picture follow check the privacy settings on Google +. Go to privacy tab (top right side of plus page where you can drop down your profile and then access Privacy link).  This is page where you can do almost everything on Google. Take look how your present settings are? How different resources and information is shared on your Google profile. You also have option to view your profile as second person view, see how your profile looks when your friends and public see it. Surely an area where we need to take care.
  2. Google + settings, this is where you can view your current settings of Google + account. Well the page reminds me of Facebook’s settings page which looks almost similar. Here is place we can say lot of things to Google + like can anyone tag you photos, about your circles, posts and updates.
  3. Next is to take care about the other Google products which are linked to your Google + account. Well if you ask me first thing which you should check is then your Picasa web albums settings. If you have wrongly added a photo which you don’t want to show to the world you need to check your Google Picasa albums and check what permission you have set for them. But the good thing about it is that you have option to make any albums completely private.

There are lot more things to learn; since Google have given Google + a unique style it will take time for users to get used to this environment.

Hope this article helped, do comment and stay tuned for more Google + news, tips and updates.


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